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Black Army 2023

To create the paintings for my exhibition “Black Army,” I reflected on the revolutionary, historical and cultural legacies that influence people of Afro-descendants, such as Haitians. I wondered about the characteristics that these legacies engender, whether they be character traits, physical characteristics or postures. How do we embody them, even when we don't think about them, even when we forget them, knowing that we must preserve them and never take them for granted?

This exhibition is a visual manifesto. This series of paintings created over the past three months is the result of an organic, spontaneous and sometimes calculated artistic exploration. The title “Black” evokes Afro-descendant people, identities and cultures, with a dimension of mystery, strength and elegance. As for "Army", traditionally associated with the defense of a territory, in the context of this exhibition, I conceive of these territories as being as mobile as each individual of the diaspora, while remaining complementary through different bodies and souls. These territories represent the identities that we carry and which contribute to protecting our peace, our strengths, our fragilities, our cultures, our histories, our futures and our freedom to be.

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