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Painter and muralist, MALICIOUZ is a Montrealer of Haitian descent known for her numerous pieces presenting women as entities of monumental scale. From the streets to the canvas, her style stands out thanks to the strong spirit emanating from her characters. 

In 2021, MALICIOUZ presents her Retrospective exhibition and also publishes the book MALICIOUZ Art Afro Urbain Contemporain. In 2018, MALICIOUZ presented her solo exhibition titled Matriarch. She organized a conference as part of this exhibition. She has also been invited as a panelist for conferences at Sherbrooke, McGill and Concordia Universities, as well as at the Federal Training Center Prison and other art centers and galleries to express her vision of Afro-Futurism, the graffiti culture, the place of women and black people in Quebec society and then in the arts. 

In recent years, she has exhibited collectively at the Fresh Paint Gallery, OCAD University, L'Espace Mushagalusa, and others. She did many live painting performances such as at the Art Battle competitions, which she won several times. Her works are now part of the public collections of Canadian Heritage, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and the city of Sorel-Tracy. 

Passionate and determined to share her art with the rest of the world, MALICIOUZ continues her journey through the creation of mural art such as the Under Pressure graffiti festival, in the streets of Montreal, Brooklyn and in Port-au-Prince , Jacmel and Pegguy Ville where she realized 6 collaborative murals as part of the project the art of uniting in Haiti. 

More recently, she made murals in Abidjan and took part in a collective exhibition in the same city and at the Afropolitan Nomade Festival then, at the Street art zone of the MASA festival in Abidjan. She also took part in the Douala Music Art Festival in Cameroon. 

Thus quickly, MALICIOUZ sees her art published and covered by several local and international media. In 2019, she is awarded the price of the visual artist of the year from the Gala Dynastie.

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photo credit: Izzo

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