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Hymne à St-Mich.heic

Hymn to St-Mich 
TOHU Waterfalls Area
June 7 to September 6, 2021

Between dream and reality, I explore the threshold of disillusionment. 

From the dreams that we nourish out of love but which are not ours, to the unconscious mourning that we carry for dreams that we do not dare to have, I am interested in the spark preserved and sometimes forgotten between the two. Where the complacency of disenchantment vibrates at a high frequency. This space of time where in fact, everything is possible because we already explore the impossible naturally, all the time. 

The bubbles of illusion burst and it doesn't matter because the sweet and brutal reality of this lush neighborhood where I was born is even better or at least far more interesting.

We are born in color on the palette of this high-level creative hub which preserves and renews the colors that we wear and that we see and that we show.

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